Welcome to Eonil

Welcome everyone,

Eonil is a fantasy RPG setting. It can be used as a setting for fantasy based stories to be told or as a base for roleplaying. The pages of this website contain the RPG setting to use for anyone who wishes to make adventures with the Eonil setting to play with a group of players. Eonil is a collection of fantasy stories, characters and other things that I have been making up throughout my life. This is my attempt at bringing everything I have made up that falls into a high fantasy setting together in one world with lore to match.

As such the information on this website does not really contain game mechanics as such but might refer to the use of dices most commonly used in Dungeons & Dragons type Tabletop Role Playing Games. I will attempt to focus mostly on the lore and stories that make up the setting though so hopefully you can use which ever game system you like if you are interested in Eonil as a setting to make your adventure in. If anything else it can be seen and used as a source of inspiration for me personally and for the characters that I create that come from this ‘dimension’ or ‘multiverse’.


Role Playing Game

Role Playing Game is a game where the players make characters with certain personalities and abilities. The characters will then go out to explore the world of Eonil, most likely seeking for adventure. The players will determine the actions of their characters and what happens will be played out. This site describes the Eonil setting and it’s rules and guidelines of how the game and the world works. All players are free to improvise and their characters actions and choices will determine how their story progresses and thus the outcome of the game.

Mostly a story or an adventure is led by one of the players who takes on the role of DM or Dungeon Master. The DM will know the story that unfolds around the player characters and he or she will describe the worlds of Eonil, everything that the player characters see and what is happening around them. The DM will take on the roles of every person, creature and sometimes the surroundings that the player characters interact with and describe the consequences of the characters actions.


On this site and in Roleplaying there are some commonly used abbreviations. Here is a list of the abbreviations and their meaning.

RP(G) Role Playing (Game), the game in which playing a certain role is centered.
DM/GM Dungeon Master/Game Master, the person who leads the game.
PC Player Character, the character of a player.
NPC None Player Character, any character that is not played by a player. NPC’s are commonly any and every other character the PC’s can interact with. Sometimes characters created by other players who are not present at that specific gaming session can be used as NPC’s too.
IC In Character, everything that happens in the game while playing the game.
OOC Out of Character, everything that isn’t happening in the game.
HP Hit points, the number of damage a character can take before he or she is knocked out.
d4/6/8/10/12/20/100 A dice with 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 or 100 sides to it. These dice are used in different types or rolls like ability rolls, attack rolls, damage rolls and checks.
LOS Line of Sight, whether or not a character can actually see another character in the game.