Suraia in Virtual Reality

Sometimes all you need is a little bit of imagination

Unreal Engine

I want to learn Unreal Engine 5, specifically for Virtual Reality applications. Because I am a self taught 3D modeler using Blender where I created my own avatar I slowly want to see if I can create a VR Pawn with my own model. For this I first have to remake my model to the proportions of Quinn and start using her armature. Currently I am working on my first converted Avatar named: Nimue.


Since I started out in Blender I have a bit of experience with the program at this point. Moving forward I will mostly be using it for creating models to use in Unreal Engine 5.

Still at this moment I can still use it to make renders of the models I'm working on while I learn more about Unreal but my posing and lighting knowledge is still better in Blender.


Eonil is a fantasy Roleplaying setting that I am working on. It is a place where I am attempting to combine every high fantasy thing I ever made up . This includes characters, groups and stories.

Eonil is a planet created by gods who used to walk on the very earth but have long since been banished from it. Various catastrophic events throughout thousands of years have changed the inhabitants of the planet and it's surface forever.

Suraia in VRChat

I'm slowly working towards a virtual version of my avatar Suraia. I created her myself using Blender. Currently I have a working avatar for her in VR Chat.

VR Chat is not my first choice of Social VR platform, but it's the biggest one and I really wanted to have a custom avatar there for myself in case there ever are meetings of events I want to attend in VR Chat.