Unreal Engine 5

Riff XR VR MMO Created in Unreal Engine 5

Recently I discovered an amazing game that is currently in development using Unreal Engine 5. Riff XR is going to be a VR MMO and since I want to learn Unreal Engine 5 for VR I thought this was the perfect place for me to start, to learn and to grow.

With their latest update they have just upgraded their avatar system to 5.3 and so I started with two Ready Player Me Avatars that I created to learn how to make Riff XR avatars: Meet Alex and Alice.

With these two models I learned the basics of Riff XR’s avatar creation tools and retargeting models. Since they are Ready Player Me Avatars they do not features anything like vicemes, facial expressions or other morphs, also known as blendshapes, or shapekeys in Blender. Still I learned about twistbones and finger retargeting.

Alex and Alice are public Avatars and Riff XR is a free to play early access game in Steam for PC VR.

For more information about the game check out:
Riff XR

Vroid Model with Eye movement and Blinking

Lenore Vroid Model

After I managed to get Alex and Alice working I moved onto a bit more difficult Vroid Model: Lenore. For her I added hair and skirt movement with physics bones. Then with the help of Hubby and following a tutorial of one of the Riff XR team members I created blueprint code to make her Blink and to have her look around.

Just like with Alex and Alice Lenore is also a public Avatar in Riff XR.