The burning of castle Blinkstar

Castle Blinkstar was a large and prestigious castle owned by a wealthy human noblemen on the island of Endorat. One night he hosted a large party but the festivities attracted some unexpected guests. No one knows exactly how it happened but none who entered the castle that night ever came out. Rumors began spreading that the Castle had fallen to vampires and that was confirmed a couple of days after that when vampires started attacking a nearby village. They were led by Beringar the vampire lord. The village was wiped out and only a hand full of people could make their escape after setting the town on fire.

Is was then that help was requested in Enville that the half elf paladin Noent was mentioned arriving in Enville. He started gathering brave men to venture to Castle Blinkstar and face Beringar the vampire lord to kill him. A small army of about twenty men and women rallied around Noent and left for Castle Blinkstar. They knew that vampires were vulnerable to fire and so they planned to blow up the castle with explosives and set fire to the rest of it. The day they attacked was described as an unusually bright and sunny day almost as if the gods themselves smiled down upon the heroes. Still the castle itself gave a lot of cover and shadow for their enemy as well. The vampires were fast, which made it impossible to set up explosives and remotely detonate them. The heroes were suffering heavy losses until Noent ordered everyone to turn back and burn everything in their way. He ordered them to guard the entrance to the castle and make sure no vampire could escape. Reluctantly his men obeyed his orders and not ten minutes after the last survivor was out the explosions went off. Noent gave his own life to make sure that no vampire would escape the castle while he personally blew it up. The castle burned for six days and six night before people of Enville dared enter it to make sure every vampire was dead and to try and find the body of their hero Noent, but they never did.