Riuma the desert god

The Island of Ysahara has always been a very mysterious one. Sandy beaches with barely a palm tree would just smoothly turn into a scourging desert with nothing but sand and dunes. One night two scouts reported back Mavee. They told her that they were send to Ysahara to scout the desert island but they stumbled upon something disgusting. The group was swiftly overrun by a group of deformed humans and brought to an oasis in the middle of the desert where a large temple was built. One by one the group was being ritually sacrificed to a creature they worshipped, a creature they called Riuma, god of the desert. The scouts described the temple as being littered with gold, rare gems and other shiny things they couldn’t make out what exactly it was.

This sparked the interest of Brea a gnome thief. She was very interested in seeing this temple for herself. And so she gathered up a group of people with a more stealthy skillset and along with the two scouts set out to Ysahara in search of the oasis and the temple of Riuma.

The stealth team found the oasis and in the middle of the night they sneaked into temple and searched for Riuma herself. She was a demigod, much larger then any human, but still bearing resemblance to the humans. Her form clearly showed the twisted deformations of Ghor corruption. She was unnaturally strong but this didn’t stop Brea, who was small and nimble to attack the monstrosity. She clearly demonstrated that size really doesn’t matter. The worshippers of Riuma rushed into the temple to defend their goddess and the heroes were vastly outnumbered. It was said that Brea herself singlehandedly killed Riuma while the others made sure none of the minions came near them. Sadly Brea was severely wounded and an unknown poison had taken root in her system. She died after several days of fighting for her life because of the poison before they could reach a healer.