Quintra’s Onslaught

The best preserved and maybe the only truly recorded event during the age of darkness is Quintra’s Onslaught. I estimate it happened somewhere around the year 85 Before Fifth Era.

Records show that somewhere around that time ships arrived from the southwest. On the ships were people that were unknown to the people of the islands. They say their skin was white as snow, their eyes blue like the radiant sky and their hair was said to look like golden or fiery red that danced in the wind like fire. It was thought that they might come from Estonya and some scouts were send across the sea to the find out what was going on. They were never heard from again.

It didn’t take long before they attacked the first islands and reports started pouring in that these people were zealots of Quintra. Thus they were nicknamed Quintra’s Onslaught. It was said that in their blind rage they just destroyed everything and killed anyone who crossed their path. The only things left standing were temples of Quintra. By rough estimation Quintra’s Onslaught had already nearly destroyed over half of the territory that now form the Xaverion Islands before any type of successful counter measures were launched. The people of the islands briefly united, regardless their faith to stand against Quintra’s Onslaught. Especially the elven armies who were very disciplined successfully attacked the Onslaught. But the dwarven fortresses and their superior blacksmithing skills helped to prevent Quintra’s Onslaught to venture deeper into the islands territory until they were eventually defeated.Weary of Quintra and the destruction her Onslaught left on many of the islands there was a group of people who retaliated. Temples and other places of worship for Quintra that were still standing were destroyed. Followers of Quintra were defiled and murdered openly and brutally by followers of Denday. Meanwhile the corruption caused by Ghor festered and grew immensely.