The first era, the dawn of time

The second era

The third era, the age of light

The fourth era, the age of darkness

  Quintra’s Onslaught
    The arrival of the new gods
    The battle of Qinthar’s keep

Garandar the dwarf was killed in the battle against the frost giant in Lokta’Mar in the Gondrey Peaks, turning the once flourishing lands into a frozen wasteland. It is said that Garandar and the other fallen soldiers are still somewhere in the frozen lake because they were never able to retrieve their bodies.

Qastaii halfling spellcaster, abonai

Milimi gnome warrior was killed on Tonkor defending the last gnome settlement.

Riuma the desert god

Zimtalor human mage was killed on Naquart


Arilya was killed fighting the giant centipede named Ossar which formed the Ossar Crater in Tanea.

The burning of Castle Blinkstar

The fifth Era

The war of the islands
    The rise of the Sirens