Welcome to Eonil

Eonil is a fantasy themed setting which I will use it for rendering art, writing out stories and role playing within this world. It is basically a high fantasy RPG setting as well that I’m working on every now and then, but at this moment I use it more as a setting to write stories to enrich the lore and I want to start making art for it in the form of renders when I get better with Blender 3D.

The Eonil setting does contain 16 to 18 + elements in the lore and the stories as well as the art that will be rendered for the setting. This is why parts of the pages on Eonil will be flagged for 16 or 18+.


Learn more about the known history of Eonil, the creation story and events that happened in the past.

The universe

Where does Eonil stand in her universe? How does the calendar on Eonil work? What is the Eonil timeline?


There are many different types of creatures living on Eonil. What and who are they? How did they come to be? Who created them?

The planet Eonil

Find out more about the religions, magic, society, economy and bloodlines and heritage and how it works on Eonil.


What organisations, guilds, noble houses and other groups can you find on Eonil?

Stories of Eonil

Here you can find stories written in the Eonil setting.

Art of Eonil

Art really makes a setting come to life, here you can find art for Eonil.