Creatures of Ghor

Since Ghor is the god that turned Eonil into a planet he has taken pleasure in turning Eonil’s creations into twisted versions of themselves. They all have evil or chaotic tendencies. Ghor also created some creatures of his own. Ghor is the god of chaos and so he has the ability to ‘corrupt’ anyone. Creatures of Quintra and Denday can be corrupted by Ghor too, even the gods themselves weren’t immune to his influence.


Dag’da are the actual Ghor corrupted version of the Vampires who were originally a creation of Denday. The Dag’da is so corrupted that it will burst into flame when spending too much time in direct sunlight. Their bodies degenerate further where those of vampires are sustained by feeding on blood and preserved in the state they were in when they died. Dag’da however have the ability of metamorphosis which means they can take on any form they want too. Only a mirror will reveal them for what they truly look like. Unlike Vampires Dag’da cannot charm someone.

Dag’da are called vampires by the common people because only those who know of the actual existence of the vampire race would know there is a difference. The rest of them actually just think that Dag’da are vampires and they gave the vampires their bad reputations. Dag’da aren’t super intelligent beings but they have the intelligence of an average person and a very high need to survive, yet they are aggressive and think they can easily take on a group of people. They are ruthless killers, going into frenzy at the mere sight of blood and if not stopped they will just kill anyone in their path. If the bodies of their victims aren’t burned then they will rise as Dag’da the next time Denday rises.


Harpies are part human, part bird. Originally they were created by Eonil and were both male and female harpies but at some point corruption of Ghor made the female harpies cast a curse on their male counterparts. As a result they could no longer produce living children with each other and instead were dependent on humans for reproduction. Female harpies, now referred to as harpies would be able to mate with a human man and lay eggs which produced female harpy children.
Because of Ghor’s corruption harpies are no longer able to disguise themselves as humans, but they still possess the power to seduce a man. They take pleasure in seducing the man of a new couple and thus destroying their relationship. They can also invoke jealousy for the same result.


One might say that the ultimate power granted by Ghor would be if a warlock or necromancer is turned into a lich. The liches undead state grants him or her immortality so long as their phylactery remains untouched and unlike the undead created by necromancers they are fully sentient beings still. There are even records of liches that were so powerful they actually had several phylacteries that all needed to be destroyed before the lich itself would become mortal again and could be killed. Liches are one of the most powerful on Ghor’s creations.

Pigmies and Tricksters

Once creatures of Eonil the Pigmies and Tricksters resemble creatures that used to be fairies and pixies. The Tricksters nowadays are more along the height of a Halfling but they do have wings like the fairies do. It’s not exactly sure why they have decreased in size but the most likely theory is that this made it easier for them to play their tricks and not be seen. Tricksters are infamous for playing all kinds of tricks on their victims, some rather harmless and innocent, but some also very sickening and cruel.

Pigmies are corrupted pixies. Unlike Tricksters the pigmies don’t play tricks on their victims. Pigmies lure unaware travelers into their trap or their territory mostly to use them for something or just to kill them and steal their belongings. Pigmies are known for their love of small shiny objects such a jewelry, coins and gems.


The shadowfox is a creature that used to be a magical fox but it was corrupted by dark magic. They are highly intelligent magical creatures who are said to be partly see through. They can literally turn into a shadow, and travel from shadow to shadow. They can create bolts of shadow magic and darkness around them.


Sirens are the corrupted versions of merfolk. Typically they are female, but there are also male sirens. They life deep within the waters of Eonil and are among the most intelligent of sea creatures. It is no surprise that the Sirens are therefore known as the guardian of the sea as they seem to be the dominant species living there and having control over it. To this day Ghor still rules the sea and the Sirens largely ensure this.


Undead are literally the dead that are risen by Necromancers. Depending on the state of the corpse undead can be skeletons, zombies, mummies or ghouls. They will all be mindless and just focused on the task their master has given them. This is also why most undead will not have access to magic at all. They are but an empty shell of the person they used to be. It’s literally  the necromancers power willing the lifeless body into moving and often blindly attacking anything and everything that is standing in their way.

Warlocks and Necromancers

Races like humans, elves, dwarves, halflings and gnomes who get corrupted by Ghor are often referred to as Warlocks or Necromancers. Both of them are twisted versions of whatever race they used to be. It is said that the more a warlock or a necromancer gives in to the corruption, the more powers they get and the more twisted their appearance will be. It is believed that one does not become a warlock when Ghor whispers in his or her ears, but only when they listen and start to use whatever powers Ghor has given them. But using this corrupted form of magic further corrupts the wielder and thus Warlocks and Necromancers by definition are chaotic and evil.

The difference between a warlock and a necromancers is that warlocks mostly use their powers to spread corruption and plagues while necromancers tend to have an obsession with death. A powerful enough necromancer can create undead and force their will upon the lifeless beings, a warlock cannot.