The Xaverion islands

THe Xaverion Islands

The Xaverion Islands

The Xaverion islands

Just north of the Equator lay the islands that form the Xaverion Islands nowadays. Just east of the official Xaverion border lays an additional island that falls outside of Xaverion rule mainly because Xaverion authority doesn’t want to waste time and effort, not to mention coin, resources and men to take the island of Kaath under their rule and enforce their laws on the inhabitants of the island.


Abaraxion is a prison island controlled by the Ghor hunter order Ahn’Ghor. It’s located in the south west corner of the Xaverion Islands. The island itself is mostly just rocks sticking out of the sea, there is barely anything growing there. The high cliffs and the many underwater spikes made it a perfect location to build a prison for the Ahn’Ghor to do their work.


Just north northeast of the elven island Tanea lies Abonai, the island of the halflings. The island has the same climate as Tanea but it’s nearly entirely flat. On the south west side of Abonai is a large beach and you can clearly see Tanea on the other side of it. Most of the island is covered in grasslands with just one small forest in the north.


West of Tanea and roughly in the center of the nation of islands lays a small island which by many other island is considered as a neutral meeting island. It has one larger city on the southern coast called Andoran Harbor that provides transport to many of the neighboring islands in control of specific races.

Andoran Harbor

Andoran Harbor is the large city on the small island of Andoran which provides transport to a lot of the neighboring islands. This is also why the city itself is basically named as the harbor of the island. Even though the island itself is considered a neutral and multi-racial island, Andoran Harbor itself is in the hands of a human noble family.

Equarra’s college of magic

Andoran is also where Equarra’s college of magic is located. It’s one of the biggest multi-racial schools of magic on the Xaverion islands. It’s founded by a female elf who has been studying magic for a long time named Equarra Silverblade. It is her vision that everyone should have an equal chance to study magic and together we can all learn more about magic then we can doing it apart.


Middleton is a small town that is located within walking distance of the college. The town has a small tavern, a temple and small market place with an open stalls. The town is mostly in service of the college and for people who come to visit the college but aren’t actual students. The town does have an appointed mayor who is an elf.

Clode Forest

East of the small town of Middleton and Equarra’s college of magic is Clode forest. It covers most of the remaining island and is home to the ancient ruins of Leaferon.


The ruins of Leaferon are what is left of some ancient fortress or small city that was once found in the middle of the Clode Forest. Even though there have been many expeditions to Leaferon there is still little to nothing known about the ruins itself since it seemed to already have been mostly looted, probably during the Age of Darkness. The popular theory is that Leaferon might have been some kind of Fairy and Pixie Court, dating back to the first Era. The remaining presence of the Pigmies and Tricksters is what drives this idea, theorizing that somehow Leaferon was corrupted by Ghor at some point turning the fairies and pixies that lived there into Pigmies and Tricksters.

Dawnspirit Labyrinth

Just west of Leaferon lies the infamous Dawnspirit Labyrinth. It is said to have been one of the gardens of Leaferon. It is invested with Ghor Minions, mostly Pixies and Tricksters but also unnaturally large insects that have clearly be twisted by dark magic and Ghor’s influence.

Eedrasil’s rest

Eedrasil’s rest is an island that is almost entirely covered in forest. It lies far west of Xaverion territory. Many citizens of Xaverion think this is where the creatures of Eonil might still live. The fast majority therefore leave the island alone out of fear for the wrath of Eonil or out of respect for the fallen goddess. It is generally believed that this might be the heart of Eonil on the Xaverion islands. It doesn’t have any settlements or a harbor, at least none known to the common people to Xaverion. There is great superstition about the island itself as it is famed for people with ill intentions towards Eonil traveling there in hopes of finding spoils to make a fortune and never to be heard from again. This is also why it’s forbidden to go there, to many people have already disappeared on the island.

A legend speaks of some sort of gateway system that connects different continents and places all over Eonil. It is commonly believed that such a gateway exists somewhere on this island. It is also believed that this gateway connects to the lost continent west of the Xaverion Islands, lands that are often spoken off in scriptures found from the fourth era and even earlier, but no one has set foot on them since the fifth era began at least none who returned to tell the tale.


Endorat is the human controlled island. It lies south west of Andoran and it has a nearly tropical climate. The Island has a large castle where the human court resides.


The harbor town is Enville, it’s a large costal town that is mostly used for trade. It contains one of the largest trade markets on the Xaverion Islands. It is a known fact that most of the ‘shopping’ for castle Grimwild is done here, this is why it’s such a popular trade market. The route from Enville to Castle Grimwild follows the river and is considered a very safe one.

In the town square is a large statue of Noent, the hero who saved Endorat from the threat of Beringar the Vampire Lord.

Galahan Estate

Just south of Enville located on a cliff overlooking the coast, the harbor town and all the roads leading to Enville lies the Galahan Estate. It is a small castle featuring a large tower that is also used as a lighthouse. It also has another tower at the site of the city where a large fire would be lit as a means of warning Enville of possible danger coming to the town.


Angar is a town that is mostly referred to as the shadow town of Enville. Whoever can’t make it in Enville could settle for Angar. Still Angar is also known to be a lot more shady then Enville which might not be the best place for an honest merchant. There is a route leading from Angar to Castle Grimwild but it goes straight through the forest and is therefore considered very dangerous.

Castle Grimwild

Castle Grimwild is the castle where the noble court of the humans reside. The castle is built on the edge of a Cliffside overlooking the west coast of Endorat. From the west coast the castle is only reachable through two points, both are heavily defended by a fortress.


Lydel is the fortress guarding the north westerns route to Castle Grimwild.


Derick is the fortress guarding the south western route to Castle Grimwild.

Blinkstar Ruins

On the south are the ruins of a large castle called Blinkstar. It’s origin and exact time of destruction is unknown but it’s common knowledge that it was inhabited by a vampire. Horrible things happened in that castle that became a den for the vampires, among them Beringar the vampire lord. Somewhere in the fourth era Beringar was finally stopped by Noent, one of the heroes that gave their lives in the fight against the Ghor minions. The castle was burned and fell to ruin after that.

To this day no one goes there because it is believed to be haunted and locals still fear vampires live there.

Gondrey Peaks

In the far north west of the Xaverion Islands lies the snowy island of Gondrey. It’s held by a dwarven lord. The dwarves living on Gondrey are often referred to as Ice dwarves.


Lokta’Mar is a frozen lake which is said to hold the remains of Garandar the Dwarf.


Grundr is a small island north of Tanea that is mostly consistent of rocks and mountains. Here the Dwarves live. Their harbor is even considered to be underground by many since it’s in a cave that is reachable from the water. The dwarves started digging into the mountain from that cave until they reached their underground citadel. Much of the dwarven settlements on Grundr are underground and dug into the fast rocks on the mountains on the island.

Tower of Udl

The tower of Udl is an old fortress tower of the Dwarves that was famous to withstand a huge attack from Ghor minions in the early days of the Fifth Era. It is also the tower where Brea was buried after she gave her life to safe so many others that were pulling back towards the tower when the attack started.


In the far east, just beyond the Xaverion Islands border lies the small island of Kaath. It is a known pirate safe haven.

Landing of the gods

The landing of the gods island is the island where the gods of the new faiths are said to have first arrived on Eonil. On the island the first temples of the gods were constructed. The temple of Thoron is found in the north of the island. The temple of Myalanna in the east. In the south is the temple of Envylon. To the west in the temple of Ysandra. In the middle there is a neutral meeting ground used to coordinate joined efforts. The proofing grounds can also be found on this islands. It’s the training facility where paladin in trainings go to proof their worth and become full paladins and choose a specialization to train in.


Meriquy is the forest island of the wood elves.


Naquart is the human island of Xaverion. It’s located north of Tanea and has a more moderate climate.


Peragon is the coast town of Naquart. It has the largest harbor of the island and is also the capitol of Naquart.

Oak Highlands

The Oak Highlands is the largest forest on Naquart.


Roseworth is a small and secluded village in the middle of nowhere.

New Tinkeron

In the south west of the nation of island lies a small island that is inhabited by gnomes. The whole island seems to be one big city. For the longest time this island had remained uninhabited because it was basically just one big burned out volcano that rose above the water but during the invasion of the Witches of East from Estonya the gnomes massively moved away from Estonya and since there was no other place for them to go they settled here. The gnomes then send emissaries to the Xaverion Islands and negotiated ownership of the volcano so they could settle there. Using the hot steam still coming from the top of the volcano, the gnomes powered their gadgets and soon a small settlement arose that later grew out, expanding over the entire island.


The elven island is called Tanea. It’s one of the larger island in the Xaverion territory. Tanea’s climate is very nice which allows the island to have flourishing forests covering about half of the island with lots of wildlife spreading all over the island to the grassy planes and even the mountain side. Because of the mountains on the West side of the island and the steep cliffs on the East side the island itself is considered very safe and easily defensible against attacks coming from the sea.

Lyonne d’ura

Lyonne d’ura is the coast town of Tanea. It has the only harbor of the elven island. Lyonne d’ura is located on the south-west end of the island. It provides safe passage to the actual island as it’s nearly entirely surrounded by mountains on the West side or cliffs on the East side.

Le Lyonne

Le Lyonne is the great mountain side of the Tanea island. It reaches all the way from the south-west part of the island till north north-east.

Lyonne forest

Lyonne forest is the forest to the south of Tanea. Once you get through the Le Lyonne mountain passage you will first enter the forest. The forest follows the Le Lyonne mountainside all the way to the capitol of Tanea.


Dalanya is the capitol city of Tanea. It’s an open city build on the far north end of the Le Lyonne mountain side next to a lake that is held there by a dam the elves build. The city has waterfalls and bridges and open spaces.


Icaron is the rebuild great library of the elves. It’s the only library that wasn’t destroyed beyond repair. Icaron is home to Icaronius, son of the great Icaron himself who originally build this library, though it is unknown exactly when he did. Icaronius is also known as the great librarian. He is an elf said to have survived through the age of darkness and dedicated to rebuilding his father’s work and gathering as much knowledge into the Icaron library as possible. He is also the author of many scriptures and even some books where he gathers knowledge from every source he can find and writes it out in new scrolls and books.


On the far west point of Tanea lies the area known as Moon Falls. There is a lake there with beautiful waterfalls heading out to a small river leading to sea. Just up the hills there is a small village build and at the lake, overlooking the waterfalls is Moonfalls Inn.

Ossar crater

The Ossar crater is a crater in the middle of the forests of Tanea. The crater was created when the creature known as Ossar was defeated by the elven priestess Arilya who lost her life in the process. Until this day no living thing will grow there and the place radiates with dark magic, corrupting unsuspecting wildlife that wander to close to the area.


South of Tanea lies the small island named Tonkor. It is home to the Xaverion Gnomes.


This small island lies just west of the landing of the gods island. It is named after Xaveri, the leader of the knights who played a vital role in the peace talks during the War of the Islands and who assassination lead to the signing of the peace treaty and the creation of the Xaverion Order. The island houses the original and largest training facility of the Xaverion Knights, as well as the supreme court.


In the south lies the desert island of Ysahara.

Ysahara Oasis

The Ysahara Oasis is a large Oasis on the island of Ysahara. No one known exactly where it lies since the desert plays trickery on everyone traveling there.

Riuma Pyramid

Those who have actually found the Ysahara Oasis and live to tell the tale also mention there is a hidden pyramid in the Oasis.