The new faiths

To bring an end to the age of darkness four new faiths emerged. Each faith had their own values and teachings of their gods to follow. The gods of the new Faith are known as the silent gods for they only speak through the highest of ranks from their followers, or so the highest ranking members say. Since they gave the power back to the inhabitants of Eonil at the end of the age of darkness, these gods have never again in recorded history actually revealed themselves in person. There are still many who claim to have been granted a sign from the gods, or that their god came to them one way or another, but they are unable to give any actual proof that this really happened. This is why there are those who have come to question the actual existence of these gods.


Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Followers of Thoron believe in the philosophy of survival of the fittest. They do think that power corrupts and therefore should never be given to one person or one group. Thoron encourages everyone to fight for what they want and fight hard. Those who are too weak to fend for themselves or to learn to be useful for another, stronger person are simply not meant to survive. They believe that power needs to be earned and not given or inherited, when you earn something yourself then you have the right to claim it and call it your own. But others also have the right to challenge you and you need to keep proving to yourself and to others that you are still worthy.

Followers of Thoron are often seen as hypocrites. They seem to think that if you are strong enough you can challenge anybody and claim power, yet they say that this power corrupts and therefore power should never be given to a single person. Followers of Thoron however strongly believe that power can only truly corrupt if it is never challenged. If someone has to proof over and over again that he or she is able and fit to be in power then they deserve to be in power. If they abuse this power then sooner or later someone will rebel against them and if the rebellion is strong enough they can overtake the ones currently in power. And if they do, they deserve to be in power themselves.


Everything is set and will play out the way it was meant to. Whatever happens, happens is the philosophy of the followers of Myalanna. They strongly believe that the future is already determined by the gods and will play out exactly the way they intended too. It might take a while for the goddess to reveal her true plan. Sometimes it will remain unclear why things happened the way they did, but it was how Myalanna intended for it to happen. She includes all in her infinite wisdom and this is why people may think it was their own choice, but in the end they did exactly what they were meant to do and it played out exactly the way it was meant to play out.

Followers of Myalanna are often seen as people who take no responsibility for anything at all. In their eyes everything was part of the grand scheme of their goddess and so they cannot be held accountable for what they did or what happened. Yet, doing what you feel you should and also being willing to take responsibility for it is also part of Myalanna’s big plan. Everything happens for a reason, whether this is good or bad. Even doing nothing is a choice you make and you will have to suffer the consequences of that. It might not always be clear to us, but everything, even a failure will have consequences that were important in the grander scheme of things.


The pure of blood have the right to rule. The privileged ones to serve them. Followers of Envylon think that lineage and bloodlines are the most important thing. Those who are pure of blood have the right to be in charge, those who serve with dignity will be treated with dignity in return. Some are just meant to rule, others are meant to follow. If you are in your proper place and accept this is the place you belong then you will lead a happy and full life.

Most of the followers of Envylon are considered to be Zealots. The god is very popular amongst families who claim to either be pure of blood or even be of noble birth. They think it is their birthright to be in power as it is someone else’s birthright to serve them in whatever way they can best serve. It would also be expected of a blacksmiths son to learn his father’s trade because he comes from a family of blacksmiths and blacksmithing is what they do best. Farmers are meant to farm. Exceptionally beautiful or talented young men or women should be taken under tutorage to become an entertainer in a noble family’s court because they are privileged and Envylon blessed them with this rare gift of beauty.


Use and learn what you can to help each other. Followers of Ysandra believe that Ysandra provides exactly what is needed to do anything that needs to be done. You should always take the opportunity to learn new things or master your skills and you should always help others. And if you do others will help you too. Ysandra will try to help everyone, but she does so by giving you the means to learn to do it yourself rather than just presenting you with the solution. We can all learn from each other and together there is nothing that cannot be accomplished. There is no need for greed or violence when everyone is willing to help each other.

The goddess Ysandra is very popular among healers and those who do not have much. Her followers are often seen as gentle and naive, easy to take advantage off because their goddess demands them to always help out without asking anything back. Yet they are also often the people who help out those who have less than they do and even though they expect nothing in return any gift given to them as a token of gratitude can surely be put to good use somewhere else.

The 8th faith

Some people claim there to be an “eight faith” called cause and consequence. But the new faiths would disagree since the so called followers of the 8th faith do not believe there are any gods anymore and thus it cannot be a faith at all. Instead they think everything simply is cause and consequence and the future is ever changing with every decision someone makes. They therefore also think that the new faiths are the product of cause and consequence, that a bunch of powerful people just got together one day and decided to make up these religions based on their personal believes and then claimed some new gods came to them with a promise to end the age of darkness. Because people wanted the age of darkness the end, they were only too willing to believe them and abandoned their old faith to become a follower of one of these new faiths that would unite the races and end the terrible war.

Followers of this so called 8th faith should not be mistaken for people who simply do not believe in the existence of gods anymore, or those who do believe there are or were gods but do not follow any religion. The people supporting the idea of cause and consequence or calling themselves followers of the 8th faith are real and here and there gatherings of this believe are really being organized to discuss their common ideals.