Terms of Service

  • Lilly in Val'Sharah
    Lilly in Val'Sharah

Thanks you for showing interest in commissioning me. As I am just one person who is also a wife and mother of young kids and dogs, my time is limited and I do my best to balance work and life as a mother.

I will work on a commission when I can and feel like it. Sometimes I am out of inspiration or have some other Blender work that I am also working on. Mostly I am working on several projects at the same time, be it commissions, Eonil work or personal work.

Here are my terms of service

  • I reserve the right to refuse a commission for whatever reason if I’m not comfortable with it without having to explain the reason.
  • I do not wish to make commission based around gore, torture or humiliation of people.
  • Payment will be done in full before I will start working on the commission. I will make an invoice with PayPal when I have received and approved your filled in Commission Request Form and all the information I need to start on the commission.
  • Once I have started on your commission and you cancel for whatever reason I cannot give you a full refund. I have already put time and effort into the commission at that point. What percentage refund I can offer you depends on how far along I was in the commission.
  • If I cancel your commission for whatever reason I will give you a full refund, no matter how far I got with it.
  • I retain the right to all the artwork that I create. And by commissioning me you have given me permission to use your OC for that specific render.
  • If you request a render with an OC that isn’t yours you will need to have explicit permission to use that OC for a render, if you don’t have that then I cannot make the commission for you.
  • All my artwork will have my signature on it and I can and will post it on whatever platforms I use to showcase my artwork on. You can post your commission where and when you want, so long as you credit me as the artist and if I’m on that platform too, please link me if possible. Never remove my signature or claim the artwork as your own.
  • When working on your commission I will send you a low resolution preview of my progress at specific points: Prepping the character(s), posing, the scene, the character(s) in the scene, lighting, effects. After every WIP I send you, you have a chance to give feedback on changes you want to have made. When you have approved on a progression point, I will move into the next stage so to speak and major changes cannot be made anymore for the previous stages. Small changes can always be made throughout the entire process.
  • For NSFW check the NSFW commissions for do’s and don’t.

Contact can be done through discord: Suraia#6757, Deviantart or twitter