The dungeon was dimly lit, only the light of the moon shone through the small window high above their heads. There was a flickering torch at the entrance spreading a sinister creeping shadow across the room. Two candles lit a table with various tools and flasks on it. In the middle of the room was a chair with a young man tied to it. He was wearing only half thorn pants. The rest of his clothes were laying scattered all over the floor, thorn apart and covered in blood. Another man was circling around him.

Suraia had her back turned to the both of them as her eyes went over the contents of the poorly lit table. The young man screamed again as he received another blow from a fist somewhere. Suraia flinched, no matter how often she had heard the screams, no matter how many had already come before, she still flinched every time.

“Hurry up, girl!” The man scowled behind her: “I want to spice things up! This is getting boring!”

Suraia hesitated and she heard the man’s footsteps coming her way. He roughly pushed her aside and grabbed some flask.

“What does this one do?” He asked as he turned towards her and held out a flask.

“It… euhmm… it’s supposed to… induce… vivid… nightmarish illusions…” Suraia softly answered.

“Wonderful, let’s see if you got it right then shall we?” The man said with a wicked grin before he pushed the bottle into Suraia’s hands: “I’ll hold him, you poor your potion into his mouth.”

The man walked back to the young man and forced his mouth open: “Well, what are you waiting for?”

“I… Euhmmm.” Suraia hesitantly said as she lingered at the table with the potion in her hands.

“Now girl!” The man yelled at her: “Else I’ll just use that other potion on him. You know, the pink one that smell so good. And then you and I can have some fun while he watches.”

Suraia shivered visibly and hurried to the middle of the room. She opened the bottle and with a shaking hand she brought the potion to the young man’s mouth. He looked at her, his eyes filled with fear as she emptied the contents of the potion into his mouth. Before he even got a chance to spit it out the man forced him to close his mouth and swallow the potion. As she looked at him she could see the potion taking effect immediately.

“Good, good, very good.” The man said as he circled around the young man. He shoved Suraia aside with so much force she fell to the ground. The man took a knife and cut the robes that had tied the young man to the chair. He then took a step back and waited.

The young man shivered and cowered, seeking refuge into a corner. He mumbled something before his eyes settled on Suraia. He reached out to her even though she was all the way across the room: “Lydia… Help me… my love… please!”

The man laughed maniacally: “That’s not Lydia you fool. Let’s have some fun!”

He slowly walked towards the young man, twirling the dagger in his hand. Suraia turned her head away and curled up into the corner. The young man started screaming and Suraia firmly pushed her hands on her ears and prayed to the Light to make it stop.

The room went quiet and Suraia slowly turned around. The man grunted and poked the young man who was laying on the ground with his boot. He scoffed and grabbed the young man by his hair before he dragged him towards Suraia. He threw the young man at her feet like a sack of meat.

“Fix him up.” He simply said.

Suraia looked at the battered and beaten young man with horror before she got up. For a moment she hesitated, shuffling on her feet and rubbing her hands together as she spoke with a soft and hesitant voice: “Why?”

The man stormed her way and without warning his fist swiftly made his way to her cheek, striking her so hard she fell to the ground, right on top of the young man. Suraia didn’t make a sound as she looked up to the man again. He reached into his pocket and took out the key before he made his way to the door and unlocked it.

“Fix him up.” He again said. Then he opened the door and left the room, closing the door behind him with a loud bang. Suraia flinched and she flinched again as she heard the key turning in the lock.

Suddenly Suraia woke up. She blinked a couple of times and got out of her bed, rushing to the window to open it. She felt like she couldn’t breath and she was shivering all over. Below her the stormwind lake and the keep in the background seemed rather peaceful. It was in the middle of the night and she could see the stars, she heard the sound of the river and the waterfall close to the farmhouse.

“It was just a dream…” She whispered to herself and she tried to get her breathing under control: “Just a dream… Nothing more… That time… it’s behind me now… They are dead… They don’t exist anymore… Just a dream.”