Silverbell Residence

The Silverbell Residence

Arydon and Elyse Moonshimmer

Leaving the Dwarven District, taking a right instead of walking towards the embassy there is a path following the river to the upper most part of the lake overlooking the Stormwind Keep. At the far end behind the small house of the lovely Aguilar family lies a large farmhouse. Shortly before the burning of Teldrassil it appeared to be empty until it was bought by some people who mostly kept to themselves.

But after the first refugees from Darkshore came back to Stormwind things in the house changed. A group of Kaldorei were invited to come live in the large farmhouse by the owner of the house, a young woman by the name of Suraia Silverbell.

The large gardens of the house were quickly used to grow food and herbs that were so desperatly needed and part of the house was also changed into a medical center to treat the wounds of the injured people.

The house is located along the river with a small dock where you can sometimes see Kaldorei fishing. It is surrounded by several fields which are now used to grow food and medicinal herbs. Even though some of the refugees have left because they found other loggings or work there are still some Kaldorei staying there and the house is still open for everyone who needs medical attention or who don’t have a bed for the night because they lost everything.

Now the farmhouse is known by some as the Silverbell Residence, or the Silverbell Medical and Refugee center.

Silverbell Residence overlooking the Stormwind keep

 (ICly the house is located behind the Aguilar house, but if no one else is RPing there we use that house to represent the entrance and kitchen of the farmhouse for RP from time to time.
If you wish to RP in the Silverbell Residence with Suraia feel free to contact me and see if we can set something up.
Kaldorei refugees are always welcome to say they went there for a meal or a place to sleep as well.)

Silverbell Residence Location