Ahn’Ghor is an order of Ghor hunters who according to their own history was created in the age of darkness by Deirah, daughter of the elven priestess Arilya. Arilya was one of the first Ghor hunters who died in a fighter against a very powerful minion of Ghor named Ossar, creating the Ossar crater when it died. Deirah then started the order to honor her mother and to protect her siblings against the Ghor attacks. Deirah converted to become a follower of Envylon when the gods of the New Faiths arrived.

Ahn’Ghor has a very strong connection to Envylon. Though the order isn’t a priesthood of Envylon or has any paladins of Envylon the fast majority of Ahn’Ghor follow Envylon. It is a highly structured organization known for its discipline and swift action against any Ghor minion. Ahn’Ghor mostly are seen at the elite when it comes to Ghor hunters. They are trained by the most skilled elven masters and there is a very strict selection process when someone wants to become an Ahn’Ghor.

Recruitment and Training

Ahn’Ghor recruits children from a very young age that show potential in certain fields. The family is then paid for the child to spend the rest of his or her life in service of the Ahn’Ghor. On top of the initial payment the family is looked after as long as they live regardless what position within the order the child will have. Children who turn out to be less talented then they seemed when they were recruited are still employed within the Ahn’Ghor. Sometimes it’s administrative positions, or teaching positions or other positions within the order.


Ghor Hunter

Ghor hunters is one of the most common and well known specializations of the Ahn’Ghor. The hunters are especially trained to locate, track and kills Ghor minions.


Summoners are also trained in the order of Ahn’Ghor. But their specialization and focus lies more on banishing Ghor minions that are too powerful to just kill. Ahn’Ghor summoners will seldom summon the creatures they have banished to use them as companions in a fight. If they do it will most likely be a creature they banished that isn’t a Ghor minion at all. Instead the only reason they would have forever summoning a creature they banished is when the order has found a way to kill it.


Ahn’Ghor have their own medics especially trained to see the first signs of corruption and trying to cleanse that. They also specialize in wounds that Ghor Hunters typically get and are therefore in a way a bit more narrowly trained then a common medic. Yet they have superior knowledge when it comes corruption and certain types of diseases and poisons.


Seers are the least known group of the Ahn’Ghor order. This is mainly because a person who possesses the gift of sight is rare on its own. They are highly sought after and the Ahn’Ghor are giving out substantial rewards for finding a seer. Seers can have visions and the Ahn’Ghor believe they can train a seer to hone in on visions specific to Ghor corruption. Seers can therefore predict where and when Ghor attacks might occur. Most of the study of a seer goes into honing this ability and so they are also the most vulnerable of the order. Since a typical seer possesses little to no offensive abilities they need to be protected at all costs and are easiest to kill if a Ghor minion would manage to get close to a seer.

Equarra’s College of Magic

Equarra’s College of Magic is one of the best schools of magic and the only multi-racial school of magic on the Xaverion Islands. The school was founded on Twillday in the cycle of Brea on the season of Myalanna in the year 12 the College of Magic by the female elven mage Equarra. It is her vision that everyone should have an equal chance to study magic and together we can all learn more about magic then we can doing it apart.

The school tests a potential student’s affinity with magic as a sort of entrance exam and then the student will have to pay on yearly basis until they graduate or drop out of school. The fee isn’t substantial but it’s not very cheap either. Each student of the college will have to pass exams for a number of mandatory subjects and can choose to follow extra classes if they wish to specialize or gain extra knowledge in a certain subject. Once they have passed all their exams they can graduate during the annual graduation exhibition. In this exhibition all students seeking to graduate will show of what they have learned with something they have prepared. If their work is good enough they will then graduate.


Before a student can graduate he or she will have to pass exams of different subjects in the college. Typically a student takes two to four years to graduate, taking four subjects a year. The first two years will be the basic or mandatory classes followed by the extra classes in the next two years should the student wish to specialize. Every student who cannot yet read and write the common language will first be taught that.

First year

Theories of Magic

The class Theories of magic discusses the theories about how magic works on Eonil in depth.

The language of Magic

Student will need to learn both speaking and reading and writing for the language of Magic.

Manipulation of Magic

Every student needs to be able to convert magic in elements.

Rituals and Magic

This call teaches the basics of rituals and the use of magic to fuel the rituals.

Second year

The Rune language

Students will learn everything there is to know about the rune language, what each rune stands for, how to properly draw it and how it’s pronounced. The practical applications of runes will also be discussed in this class.

Magical Phenomenon

Magical Phenomenon is the class that goes in depth about any phenomenon that is magical in nature, how to detect it, how to study it and the known methods of determination and neutralization.

Magical Creatures

The class of magical creatures delves deeper into the world of the known magical creatures, their habits and where to find them.

Magical Components

Magical Components in the class that teaches the most commonly known magical plants, stones and other components typically used by mages.


Enchantments and Magical Item Creation

This class teaches the students the basics of Enchantments and Magical Item Creations.

Elemental Specialization

Elemental Specializations focusses on further study into the manipulation of a specific element in magic. This means that there is one class for each of the so called elements.

Neutralizing Dark Magic

This class teaches the known methods that were in the past successful in neutralizing dark magic.

The Professors

Equarra Silverblade

Equarra is a female elven mage who has studies magic for hundreds of years. She is currently 593 years old. She founded Equarra’s College of magic as a place for everyone to be able to study magic regardless their race.

Professor Grillan Dawnsly

Professor Grillan Dawnsly is the professor for Magical Creatures and Rituals and Magic. He is known for his published book ‘the science of turning non magical creatures into magical creatures’.

Professor Ellord Dreadrock

Professor Ellord Dreadrock is the professor of enchantments and magical item creation. He also specializes in trickster magic and wants to counteract the mischievous nature of the tricksters.

Professor Isaac Midland

Professor Isaac Midland is a human professor and teaches Theories of Magic.


IGA stands for Information Gathering Association. It’s often joked that the first rule of the IGA is to never talk about the IGA, so naturally everyone knowns about it. IGA is the biggest known spy organization on the Xaverion Islands, though many people would claim they work for the Xaverion Order they are in fact a separate organization.  One other misconception often said about IGA is that they are ‘evil’. IGA in fact is a largely neutral leaning to good organization. More often than not they fight crime and corruption, but their methods in doing so are questionable at times. Often the ends justify the means and basically anything goes as long as you don’t get caught. It is also said that IGA members only seem to answer to IGA members and that they think themselves above the law most of the time.


The head of the IGA is a gnome named Shinzie. She is said to be nothing short of a genius and an inventor of many gadgets used by the IGA. Even though some people claim she’s just an inventor and she never leaves her laboratory this isn’t actually true. IGA members know that Shinzie often is out in the field on cases. The main reason why people think she’s always in a laboratory is because no one outside of the IGA seems to know what she looks like.

There is a strict hierarchy in the IGA that is kept a secret to the public. Every Island has at least one high ranking operative of the IGA stationed there. He or she has a number of people working for them who themselves might also have a team. Sometimes there are also lone wolves that prefer to work alone. Everyone answers to their higher ups or their handlers.

Locations and safe houses

Since IGA is a spy organization they operate out of different locations which are all a secret to anyone outside of the organization. Additionally they also have a number of safe houses spread all over the Xaverion Islands.

It is common knowledge that the IGA has a headquarters somewhere, but no one seems to know exactly where it is.


The IGA has a fast network of assets and informants. IGA operatives rely on this network to do their work. Like nearly everything else the assets and informants are kept a secret. This is mainly to protect them and keep them safe. But it is said that the IGA has eyes and ears everywhere. If this is actually true is uncertain but the idea alone seems to make many people think twice before doing something that might attract the attention of the IGA.


It is said that the IGA keeps fast records of everything they are working on. They are divided in cases that are related to each other. Often all the records for a case are stored in the location the main operative is working out off. Sometimes, with particularly sensitive cases the files will be scattered all over the Xaverion Island.

The IGA has a fast library somewhere where they keep all the closed data as well as other information they have collected. Records in this library date back to the foundation of the IGA.

IGA is no stranger in using coded messages, leaving breadcrumb trails and giving everything codenames and double meanings. This again is a method commonly used to hide sensitive information. Every operative can actually use their own codes so it might be hard to decipher things if the operative goes missing.


The IGA has no known places where people can go to if they want to ask for their help. It is common knowledge that you don’t have to hire the IGA or pay them to work for you. Contact with the IGA is pretty simple. They either come to you if something is up and they are investigating, or you just have to go around town, usually to the local tavern and state you want to come in contact with the IGA and they will find you.

The church of the new faiths

The church of the new faiths is the collective name for the organization behind the religions of the new faiths. The fast majority of the population of the Xaverion islands is a supporter of one of these four gods and they are the only recognized religions on the islands. If a person supports any other religion they are considered to be heretics and paladins of the church of the new faiths are still hunting down heretics to this day. Because the four gods of the new faiths Thoron, Myalanna, Envylon and Ysandra live in peace with each other there is no rivalry between these faiths. Instead they work together to build a better world. Every town and settlement will have a temple of the new faiths. Smaller towns and villages will most likely have one temple where all four gods are represented. But larger cities often have a temple for each god.

Because these four gods work together the structure of priesthood and paladins is the same for every god. Roughly speaking the paladins are the fighters of the new faiths, where the priests specialize more in using magic and often spreading the faith.


The ranks within the church of the faith are pretty simple. Priests and Paladins are considered two different branches of the church.


An Acolyte is a priest in training. Whenever someone wants to join the priesthood they will become an acolyte after initiation into the faith of their choice. The moment someone becomes an Acolyte is when their training in priesthood officially begins.


When an acolyte had completed his or her training and is found worthy by the high priest he or she trained under there will be another ceremony in which the acolyte will become a priest. Priests can be found in the temples of the new faiths, they can stay at the temple where they were trained or request to be transferred to another temple. In rare cases a priest might also be asked to transfer to another temple but this mostly is done through voluntary transfer is there is a reason a certain temple needs new priests. Other than staying at a specific temple there are also a lot of travelling priests who either choose to wander the world or are on a specific mission to spread their faith further.

High Priest

Every temple has a high priest. If it’s a small temple that pays tribute to all four gods then there will still only be one high priest. But a bigger temple might have a high priest for every faith. And a temple for a specific god or goddess had one high priest for that god or goddess.

Grand Priest

There are in total four grand priests, one for each of the new faiths. They are the leaders of that certain faith and also form the leading circle of the priesthood of the new faiths. The grand priest answers to their god themselves, he or she will interpret the will of their god and then spread this word to the high priests who will then spread it to the priests and acolytes who will spread it to the believers.

Paladin in training

Any paladin can take on an apprentice and personally train him or her to someday become a paladin themselves. When the paladin thinks they are ready their apprentice can take the trials. If they succeed with the trials their training is complete and they will become a Paladin.


Once they have completed the trials an apprentice will be a Paladin. He or she will then have the opportunity to specialize and become either a defender or a templar.


Defenders are the paladins who will dedicate their lives to defending the temples, the priests and the faithful. They are often assigned to a specific town or temple and in some cases to a specific priest. Mostly defenders will try and protect any priest or faithful regardless which of the new faiths he or she supports because all of the faiths are working together. Still often paladins are assigned specific priests to protect from their own faith.


Templars are paladins who choose to travel the world. They mostly seek out heretics or help out in the fight against Ghor minions. They do not have to spread their faith like the wandering priests often tend to do, but protecting the innocent in the name of their god or goddess often has a similar effect.


There are a handful of inquisitors of every faith. They are charge of the paladins, defenders and crusaders.

High Inquisitor

The strongest of the inquisitors is the high Inquisitor. Like the grand priests there is only one high inquisitor for each of the new faiths. They are the leaders of all the paladins.

The shadow Council

Nearly everyone has heard of the shadow council, yet the fast majority of the people seems to think they are a myth, a story to tell their children. This is mainly because most of the organization that hold authority, as well as the churches of the new faiths will straight out deny the actual existence of the shadow council. This is also why those who do say the shadow council is real are often met with disbelief and ridicule. There is but one organization who openly says that the shadow council is very real and that is the Wanderers League. Still most people outside of the League itself claim that this is just some silly vendetta of the League’s founder Morgan Shadowsongs.

The shadow council is a large and clandestine organization. They deal in black market stuff and will often go after archeology hints as well as magical items. Another part of the organization is searching for power in any form. This is why they often have run ins with the League because they are often after the same thing.

The main thing members of the shadow council have in common is the fact that they do things that are against the laws set on the Xaverion islands. Mostly this is because they are either outcasts like people who still worship Denday or even Ghor or they just don’t want to be bound by the rules a couple of people have set up for them.


The shadow council recruits anyone who they think worthy. If a person manages to get their attention with what they’ve been doing the shadow council will come in contact with them. This is why you often see people wanting to be in the Shadow Council to try and get their attention by doing daring and often dangerous things.


The shadow council uses a lot of compartmentalization. They have a rather simple hierarchy where the person who recruits you is ‘higher’ in rank then you are and you report to them. The responsibility for punishing any misbehavior against the Shadow Council’s codes will also be done by him or her. And he or she probably had someone who has recruited them that they answer too. It’s rather unclear how high up this chain goes.

Mostly the groups within the Shadow Council that know each other are rather small. Often you see lone wolves who might have one or two ‘apprentices’ that may or may not know each other at all. This is again where the compartmentalization comes from and why it’s hard to find any real proof of the actual existence of the shadow council. This also means that people might know each other that are all part of the shadow council but they don’t know it from each other because it’s basically against the rules to talk about it unless you already know the person is part of the shadow council.

For this same reason it’s also unknown if the shadow council has maybe infiltrated any other organizations or if members in influential positions might be a member of the shadow council.

The Seafarers Accords

The Seafarers Accords was created shortly after the Xaverion Order was formed. In essence the Accords are a bunch of contracts created and signed by the Xaverion Senate to sanction ships in service of the Xaverion Order to uphold the law on the waters territory of the Xaverion Islands. An organization simply named after the accords was formed as part of the contracts. Here ships can enlist to become part of the Seafarers to help keep the peace on the sea and fight against pirates and smuggling over the water.

In the year 14 a larger threat arose when it became clear that the sea had become the territory of Ghor after sirens attacked and sunk an entire city at the coast of Meriquy. From that moment on the seafarers became even more organized as a navy force for the Xaverion Islands to protect sea travel across the islands and try to keep the Siren threat a bay.

The Xaverion Order

The Xaverion order was formed when the peace treaty of the nation of Islands was signed on Amberday in the cycle of Qastaii on the season of Thoron in the year 359. From that day the nation of island officially called themselves the Xaverion Islands.

The Xaverion Order was there to create law and order for the islands to uphold the peace as was written down in the first draft of the peace treaty. For this reason they formed a senate, court of justice and a knighthood.

The Xaverion Senate

The Xaverion senate are the people who write, discuss and pass down laws. These laws would be upheld on every island of the Xaverion Islands. Every ten years a committee would be formed who would reevaluate the number of seats there are in the Senate. Typically each Island would have one or more seats depending on various factors such as the population of the island, the natural resources of the island or lack thereof and the general influence the island has on the Xaverion Islands as a whole. There would also be a number of seats to represent the New Faiths in the Senate. When the number of seats have been reevaluated and something has changed it is up to the members of the senate to discuss who has to leave or who will be brought forward for the extra seat. When one of the islands get an extra seat they can nominate a number of people from their island for the seat and the senate will then vote who gets the seat.

When unpopular changes in laws pass the senate it is not uncommon for tension to build. Sometimes it’s peaceful demonstrations, other times it might escalate to a riot. There have also been times where the Senator(s) who have suggested the change or the new law were attacked or even killed. Senators therefore are protected by the 1ste Knights, an elite group of Knights of the Xaverion order especially tasked with the protection of the senate.


The hierarchy is rather simple, each town has a mayor. The mayor can either be elected by the people of the town or appointed by the noble who governs the lands the town is part of. Sometimes a noble still lets the people of the town choose a mayor. If a race has no nobility this governor will also have been elected. The mayors of towns answer to the governor and the governors answer to the person who leads the island. Typically the person leading the island has a seat on the senate.

The Xaverion Court

The Xaverion court is where justice is spoken, where a person accused of something has to go through a trial where his or her guilt or innocence is proven. A trial will always be led by a judge. Judges are chosen by the Senate and it’s not uncommon that they are specialized in a specific section of the law.

When someone is accused of something he or she will be assigned a judge, a defender and an accuser. Depending on who the accused is they may or may not pick their own defenders and in some rare cases even the judge. In the same fashion accusers may request to be on a certain case, but it would depend on their own status and good standing with the judge if this is permitted.

Both the defenders and the accusers can then present their case to the judge. They can use whatever they want to make their case like evidence, witnesses, demonstrations and sometimes even other cases. It is not uncommon in cases to use magic to try and make a point. This is also why there are always magic experts assigned to a case who have to make sure nothing is tempered with. The judge will then decide whether the accused is guilty or innocent and the judge will also decide what punishment or in some cases compensation will be met.

The Xaverion Knighthood

The Xaverion knighthood are the knights tasked with the protection of the citizens of the Xaverion islands and upholding the law. The knights can be found all over the islands, they have outposts on all islands where people can go to if they want to enlist or to report a crime. Typically there will be an outpost in every medium or larger sized city. Only small villages and settlements might not have actual outposts. Many of the outposts serve as local prisons as well. It’s not uncommon to have one or several members of the Xaverion Court to be stationed at an outpost.  Small thievery and other small conflicts will generally be handled at the outposts.

When someone enlists to join the Xaverion Knights they will first go through intense training and then be sorted with what the recruit wants and can specialize in. The knighthood does only train knights for melee combat with either sword and shield, dual wielding swords, two handed sword or spear and ranged combat with bows.

Only the best knights will actually be assigned a combat heavy task. Many other recruits will roll into a more supportive role like scouts, sometimes medics and investigators. Xaverion investigators technically fall under the Xaverion Knighthood. These are the people specialized in solving crimes and catching the ones responsible. A crime fighting unit typically exists of an investigator, a scout, possibly a medic and several Knights. In many cities these are the most common units of Knights you can come across. In regions where there is conflict or even open war you will typically find more combat heavy units who’s primary task is to protect those who can’t defend themselves and drive the enemy away. The Knighthood is the law enforcement of the Xaverion Islands.

A lot less commonly known are the special units who are specifically trained to go undercover, or deep in enemy territory for retcon missions, infiltration, sabotage or covert rescue missions. It is sometimes hard to see this because the Xaverion Knights are seen as real honorable fighters and therefore stealth and such isn’t what you’d typically expect to see when you think of a Xaverion knight.

Wanderers League

“Gather around seekers of knowledge. For the sky is the limit and there is always more to discover beyond the horizon. We of the Wanderers League are always on the move to expand our horizons with our research projects. Whether you are an archeologist seeking the mysteries of the past, a magic researcher dedicated to solving the mysteries of magic, a technology expert seeking to create new inventions or a master in your craft experimenting to discover new materials and applications, there is a place for you here.

Join our ventures of discovery and help us research unexplored territories in all fields. If you aren’t a researcher yourself but like to guard our brave souls on their adventures there is also a place for you in the League.”

The Wanderers League is an organization that is dedicated to pushing the boundaries in many fields of study. They are the largest organization when it comes to study and have many subdivisions in different fields. The Wanderers League is most commonly referred to as “The League”, it is known far and wide and their reputation totally depends on the person you speak too.

The League Structure

The Council

The League is run by a council. They decide the course of the organization and discuss its progress and fields of study. Any large decision about the League will be made by discussion and then a vote of the council. Anyone who is part of the League can come before the council with a suggestion for a research project or expedition and the council will decide if the League will support it or not and how they will support it.

The council is made up of the heads of each different divisions as well as some other prominent figures in the League like the founder Morgan Shadowsongs.

The different divisions

The league had three main divisions: magic, archaeology and crafting. Each division has a head of the division, which is the leader of the division. They can also have several research leaders. These are people who often lead expeditions and field-trips and are in charge of a certain research group.


The magic division researches anything that has to do with magic. This can be the study of magic, how magic works, magical phenomenon, manipulation of magic and even the creation of magic. Their main goal is to expand their knowledge of magic as a whole.


The archaeology division researches anything that has to do with history and anything archaeology and the exploration of the past. Their main goal is to try and piece together as much of Eonil’s history as they possibly can and recover what was lost during the age of darkness.


The crafting division researches crafting, tinkering and experimental things like science and alchemy. They are inventors, lab rats and (mad) scientists. They like to experiment and mess with stuff in order to try and create anything new from the crafts point of view like a rune crafter trying to create a new type of rune, an artificer trying to imbue a staff with a new kind of magic, a blacksmith trying to make a magical armor, etc.


Since the League is a self-supporting organization and they often do go out into the world on what they call expeditions or field trips they also have a lot of other people within the organization like guards, scouts, healers and other support. These people form the backbone of the researchers, without them most of the researchers wouldn’t be able to do research at all. When a researcher wants to go out to explore this old tomb he’s found a scroll about he would need protection, scouts and maybe healing if he gets wounded.

The Rising Tide

The Rising Tide is the research ship of the League that does most, if not all of the League’s research on the water. The crew on the Rising Tide is partly a sailors crew and partly research team. Among the members of the research crew is the mage Elliana Oathkeeper. The navigator of the ship is Jackie.

The Noble houses

Many races on the Xaverion Islands have one or more noble houses. These families can be owners of lands and govern them under the rules of the island and to that extend the Xaverion Senate. But there also are noble houses who don’t have lands anymore apart from their own house, even some who might still hold the title of noble, or claim to be of a noble bloodline without having any type of power or money anymore.

House Galahan

House Galahan is one of the many noble houses of the humans living on Endorat. The Galahan Estate is located just south of Enville on the cliffs overlooking the city, the sea and all the roads leading towards the city. It is believed that in the past House Galahan might have owned or governed Enville but that time has long since passed. Though the house is famed for gallantry and purity they do not mingle in battle, nor do they have a private army. Instead House Galahan is known for trade, having many business partners all over the Xaverion Islands. Despite the house not owning any land anymore other than the estate, they are still extremely wealthy. This lead many common people to believe that house Galahan might have sold land in exchange for wealth at some point. This is only partly true. House Galahan has indeed little by little given away the lands they once owned, but this was mostly to younger children who didn’t carry on the Galahan name after they were married. This led to the house itself having less land, but it gave them powerful and profitable alliances which made them so wealthy.

Lord of the house

The Lord of the house is Elijah Marius Galahan. He was married to Mary Ellia Connely. They had who children, a son by the name of Jonathan Galahan and Juliana Galahan. Sadly the lady Mary died of disease when the children were still very young. Despite many nobles urging lord Elijah to remarry and be all too willing to present their daughters to him, he never did. On her seventeenth year there was an attack at a ball where Juliana was attending and she was among the young nobles who lost their lives that tragic night. Consumed by grief for the loss of his sister young lord Jonathan wanted to join the Xaverion Knighthood and avenge his sister’s death before he would take over the family business from his father. Lord Galahan agreed since his son was still young and he himself wasn’t getting to old to do business. On Lunaday in the cycle of Garandar and the season of Ysandra in the year 20 there was an attack on Enville by the Sirens and Jonathan died that day defending the city.

The new heir

Now that Lord Galahan has lost both his children and he is the only living member of House Galahan he needs to appoint a new heir. Many nobles have again presented their daughters as possible marriage candidates and some widowed noble women have also approached him, yet Elijah gives little response to them. Instead he went to visit the Wanderers League, which he is a great supporter of. He sailed with the Rising Tide for a couple of cycles and eventually came back home to resume his business deals.

During the cycle of Milimi in the season of Ysandra in the year 21 he bought a house in Enville for a young woman named Elisabeth White and has since been seen frequently visiting her and spending time with her. She is a healer and now Lord Galahan has invested a lot of money in opening a medical center in Enville right next to the house he bought for her.

The Vampire Court

The vampire Court is created by the six vampire families to uphold vampire laws and deal with vampire affairs. Each vampire family has one representative in the Vampire Court.

Bartholy family

The original Bartholy vampire was a human named Nicolai Bartholy. The Bartholy vampires are good vampires. Bartholy vampires want to live alongside non vampires in peace. They understand that vampires need to keep their nature a secret but they actually do not like it very much. They think that making themselves known to the right people and explain the difference between them and the Dag’da would be met with understanding and acceptance. The only reason they haven’t done this yet is because it is strictly against vampire law to do so.

The Bartholy family is the largest voluntary donor of vampire blood to be distributed amongst healers and medics to be used for healing people. Willingly donating vampire blood however is also against vampire law, yet they do it anyways. If someone gets caught donating blood they will be killed by other vampires.

Typically a Bartholy family will not turn anyone unless they specifically ask them too or are dying and nothing but turning them into a vampire can safe them. Even then the conditions of becoming a vampire are made clear and only if the person in question agrees with this will he or she be turned into a vampire.

Sigris family

Sigris was an elven nightdweller vampire. Long after the creation of the Dag’da Sigris herself fell to the corruption of Ghor and she was killed by her daughter Eylownia who was her daughter in life as well and who got turned because she wanted to stay with her mother. Eylownia carried on the name of Sigris as the family name. The Sigris vampires are neutral evil leaning towards evil, but they are not corrupted by Ghor. They simply see nearly anyone that is not a vampire as lesser then themselves, they even think most of the other vampires lesser then themselves. This is why they are no stranger to cruel practices and also from time to time show little to no respect for vampire law. Their motto seems to be that anything goes so long as you don’t get caught by the court.

The Sigris family is a large family and it roughly consists of two groups. Power hungry vampires who think Eonil is their playground and servants or slaves. Part of the servants are not turned and are either kept as entertainment or food, another part is actually turned and are used for their superior abilities that those who aren’t turned cannot perform.

The Sigris family is no stranger to hosting extravagant parties where all sorts of cruel things are done that are within vampire laws. At these parties several none vampire people will most likely be killed in one way or another, but so long as the Sigris family cleans up and covers their tracks the vampire court will look the other way.