Islands and Continents

The world of Eonil is divided in many small islands and some continents. Most of the islands are in the Northern half of the planet and are inhabited with a specific race who has taken claim off the island somewhere in time. Just below the equator of the planet there is a larger continent where old Estonya and Maycia lay. The lands beyond are mostly unexplored because they are to this day considered to be in-tamable wild lands where brave men will not venture. Estonya is already seen as the end of civilized society because of their history. Not much is actually known about Maycia at all. It is said that west of Estonya lay the ancient dwarven lands but none has been there since the start of the fifth era.

Above that and west of the Xaverion Islands is the location where the lost continent is said to have laid. This continent is often mentioned in scriptures from the fourth era or before that, but ever since the fifth era it seems to have vanished and none who ventures there have ever returned. West of The Xaverion islands the seas are covered in a thick and clearly unnatural mist. This is why the working theory is that the lost continent must be either inside or past the mist, if the continent is still there at all.

The Equator has a tropical climate while the north point of Eonil is an extremely cold frozen wastelands that is never really explored. Since anything below Estonya is seen as wild lands too no one has any idea of what lies to the south end of the planet.

This first concept of the campaign setting focuses on the nation of islands known as the Xaverion Island while the Prophecy story is a historical tale from Estonya set approximately a hundred years before “the present day” in the setting. And the present day is the start of the year 512 of the Fifth Era.
The Xaverion islands have lived in relative peace with each other for over a hundred years now. Having seen the devastating effects of war on Estonya they have no real desire for it themselves. Since Estonya themselves view everything that is North or East of their shores to be untrustworthy and savage Xaverion islands and the mainland as they are commonly referred to are hardly on speaking terms with each other. Mistrust and prejudice divide both parties and neither seem willing or even interested in trying to unite.

North of the Xaverion islands it’s said to be to cold to sustain life and west of the islands there is an unnatural mist covering the seas and none who ventured there have returned.