Dreams of terror

Spirit rushed through the lush forest of Feralas. It was dark and gloomy, the air felt thick and there was an unnatural fog that made it hard to see. Still the large stormsaber seemed to know exactly where he was and where he was going.

The ginger human woman held on best she could to the saddle of the saber as it rushed on. She looked behind her but she couldn’t see anyone or anything. She shivered, clearly very much frightened.

A dark and sinister laughter echoed all around her before words could be heard. The voice was deep, dark and the accent was thick as it spoke slowly: ‘You… cannot… run… forever… little… one…’

Suraia flinched and cowered in Spirit’s saddle before the stormsaber so abruptly came to a halt that she was thrown out of the saddle and into the fern alongside the road. She could hear the saber growl and could just barely see him being dragged off into the fog.

‘Spirit!’ Suraia screamed: ‘T’as’e! No!’

But there was no time and there was also nothing that the priestess could do to help her friend. Shivering she turned around and blindly ran into the forest. She reached for her lantern but discovered it wasn’t there.

The laughter once again filled the air and Suraia turned around only to see dark purple bolts of void magic flying her way. She instinctively raised her hand and mutters a few words and a shield of white light with a blue hue formed. But the Shield’s light was so bright that it hurt Suraia’s eyes and seconds after she had cast it, it burst again and disappeared into puffs of blue smoke.

All seemed to be quiet around her as Suraia crawled back up and aimlessly wandered the forest until she reached a clearing. The eclipsed moon was visible and in front of her she could see Valdia and Aladorian. Both of them were standing with their backs towards her.

She wanted to run towards them but suddenly her wrist was grabbed by something standing behind her. She flinches and screamed as her other wrist was grabbed as well and slimy squid tentacles wrapped themselves around her throat as the K’thir pulled her against him. He was towering over her, being at least as big as the Kaldorei, she shivered and struggled to free herself without success.

Valdia and Aladorian quickly turned around and looked at the K’thir and Suraia before taking a defensive stance and Valdia drew her weapons. Strangely enough Aladorian was dressed in a black fabric pants and a silk shirt with a very deep cut revealing some of his chest.

From behind the two Kaldorei two other figures emerged that had been lurking in the shadows. Dark purple glowing eyes were seen first. Behind Valdia the figure of a Kaldorei woman appeared. She had long black hair and a curvious body. She was dressed in black with a gown that accentuated her curves very well. The moment Valdia spotted her she turned around and attacked the woman dressed in black.

Behind Aladorian a shadowy figure rose up. Her figure wasn’t clear at all, but it resembled that of a female Kaldorei. Other then that she remained in the shadows too much to reveal more. Aladorian wanted to move but a simple wave of her hand seemed to freeze him up. He growled and fought against the spell with little success.

Valdia didn’t have any more luck. As she tried to strike the Kaldorei woman with her weapon she caught it with her hand and crushed it. This only seemed to enrage Valdia and she leaped towards the woman for another attack. At that point the woman rose her hands and thick void tentacles rose up from the ground and shot towards Valdia, piercing the woman’s armor and skin with little to no resistance and lifting her up from the ground. Valdia screamed in anger as she fought helplessly against the void tentacles.

Suraia screamed as well: ‘Valdia! No!’

The human priestess also struggled to gain freedom but the K’thir was simply to strong for her. She and Aladorian were forced to watch as more void tentacle shot towards Valdia and pierced her body again and again until she fell to the ground in a puddle of blood.

Suraia was crying as the Kaldorei woman simply wiped of her hands as though she they were a bit dirty before she gave Suraia a smile and walked towards Aladorian. She ran a finger over the exposed skin of his torso and chuckled: ‘Very nice, my dear. I can see why you like him so much.’

‘Leave him alone! Please.’ Suraia begged.

The shadowy Kaldorei figures moved away from Aladorian and towards the human woman. Suddenly the K’thir let go of her, but Suraia found herself unable to move. She kept her eyes fixed on Aladorian though shivering visibly when she felt the shadowy Kaldorei figure close behind her. The Kaldorei woman dressed in black circled Aladorian, trailing her finger over his skin as she did.

‘I can see you kept my dagger.’ The shadowy figure said with an echoing voice.

Suraia felt a sudden urge to take the hidden dagger from it’s hilt and hold it in her hand. The blade was sticking out, pointing in front of her.

‘You want to go to him, don’t you?’ The shadowy figure spoke: ‘You want him to safe you?’

Suddenly Suraia was pushed forward by a force she was unable to resist and with great speed she bumped against Aladorian. Her eyes widened as she was suddenly able to move on her own again. She stepped back and looked at her own hand with a look of horror on her face. Her hand was covered in blood and the dagger was sticking out of Aladorian’s stomach.

‘Oeps.’ The Kaldorei woman simply said as she looked at the dagger.

Aladorian was also released from the spell that had held him in place and he collapsed onto the floor.

‘Aladorian… No!’ Suraia screamed…

Suddenly Suraia opened her eyes, she sat up straight her bed, her eyes filled with tears and sweat dripping down her forehead. She started sobbing uncontrollably.

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