The Moonlight Mermaids swim with friends

Last weekend we were invited to a small mermaid meet in Houten (the Netherlands). There were more then ten mermaids in total and we had a lot of fun.

From my own pod, the moonlight mermaids, Melody, Shelley, Moonia and I were present. We met the lovely mermaid Cherelle who joined us while we were playing a bit. I had brought my camera and we managed to film quiet a lot.

I took most of the footage I had of us and some of the other mermaids who also joined us while filming at times and made a video for YouTube.

Many thanks for Veerle for inviting us to come along to swim in the pool, we had loads of fun.

DIY Toddler Mermaid Tail

My little girl wanted to have her own mermaid tail when she wasn’t even two years old. Since I had some left over fabric from the tail I had made at that point I decided to try and make her a matching tail.

The tail is open at the back and I used small buttons to close it loosely around the lower part of her legs if she wanted too. It’s open at the feet so she can walk in it too and since the tail was made of Lycra materials it would also be swimmable.

Here is a sketch I made on the measurements I needed to put this tail together:

And this was the result:

I have made a video that I uploaded to YouTube which shows step by step how I made this tail for her: