Available Slots and Queue

My commissions are currently open.

The estimated wait time before I can begin on the next commission at this moment is:

2-3 weeks

Slots open 2 of 4

1: TheFranckCarde – VTuber avatar commission
2: Char1es
3: –open–
4: –open–

3d Model Commissions

I can create 3d models for your avatar in Virtual Reality (Social) applications like VRChat, or create a VTuber model for you using my own model as a base.

I am currently still setting up to start this type of commissions. Contact me for more information if you are curious about it.

Art Commissions

  • Lilly in Val'Sharah
    Lilly in Val'Sharah

I offer art commissions for your avatar or VTuber model if you provide me with the model. I also have my own model which I use for Eonil and to create my own VR Avatars. I can make art commission using this model or your own avatar or VTuber model.

Using assets from various places like World of Warcraft, Sims4, CG Traders and other 3d models I’ve created or gathered over time, I can make a scene for your model for the art commission in Blender.

I can also do commission for World of Warcraft using WMV WoW models. I can use Sims4 clothes and hair for commissions if needed.

Please check out my art commissions page for more information on the art commissions:
Art Commissions

I also offer NSFW options and I have separated any adult content into it’s own page for adult art commissions:
NSFW Art Commissions

Commissions Open poster with commission prices
An overview of the prices for an Art Commission.


Contact can be done through discord: Suraia#6757(preferred), Deviantart or twitter