About us

First of all I would like to say that we are not an organization of any sorts. We are just a bunch of people who have dedicated our free time and money when we have it towards creating this community and doing stuff to try and raise awareness about subjects like equality and empowerment. We do not have any funds and we are all volunteers in that regard.

Everything on this website that generates money, be it the Etsy shop, donate buttons, adds and other possible things are there to generate money that we can use to pay projects that we want to do and equipment and outfits that we are using for these projects. We are not here to make money, so in that way we are non-profit. We cannot make this an official organization in any capacity simply because it costs a lot of money to do that and I’d rather spend that money on our projects.

But more than just the projects we are a community where everyone can be themselves and share everything they do to promote equality and empowerment. We are in no way professionals but where we can we would love to help people who are being bullied or discriminated. To this end we also have our discord server where people can talk and listen to each other and share support and ideas for improvement.

Other than that I’d love to see people sharing their projects, pictures about their persona’s and the things they are working on. This can be done both in the form of a blog on the website by our residents or on discord in the channels meant for that.